Monthly Challenge: Let’s (Not) Dine Out- Week One

I am pleased to report a smashing success in this challenge so far, although it has not been without its difficulties.

Jeff took the boys out to In-n-out last Saturday and texted me apologizing, promising to take his lunch to work twice the next week to make up for it. I was like, ha ha, I win, because I had factored in one weekend boys’ meal out when doing the budget (it was a planned out in the original challenge).

Of course, the next day I was not so smug because Jeff offered to take the boys for a haircut- which they Pavlovianly associate with a Yogurtland trip after. Fortunately for all of us there was a four hour long congregational meeting at church Sunday afternoon, making the tough call of saying no to Yogurtland unnecessary. (Never has anyone been so excited about four hours spent debating the merits of using the accrual vs. cash system of accounting! I still don’t know what either of those are but boy do people have opinions.)

The rest of the week turned out to be pretty smooth sailing. James ASKED to get a cake pop and the boys brought up the idea of supper in a restaurant quite a lot but I just smiled and said no. So far we are 6% in to our restaurant budget category with 3 weeks to go. Nice work!

(Next week is partly a big cheat- we are visiting family- but I am going to try to not get any airplane/airport snacks or treats, which I anticipate being even harder than saying no to the suggestion of Mulberry Street pizza for dinner.)


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