Monthly Challenge: Let’s (Not) Dine Out: Week Two

This week was such a cheat, as Jeff and I both traveled with family and I can hardly consider a week in which I ate at Torchy’s Tacos twice a reduced-consumption week. (I am very glad I don’t live anywhere near a Torchy’s Tacos as that queso is my new kryptonite. Anyway.) It reminded me of two things- my kids looooooove to eat in restaurants and, um, so do I. Which is why the end goal of this challenge is not to never eat in restaurants- just to make our restaurant dollars count.

I did find that the whining for cake pops and frozen yogurt and other treats was reduced once we got home- I am hoping that by making it less of a regular treat we’ll make it more meaningful and reduce the whining for it. We’ll see.  Also that I compensated for some of my own dine out treats (lattes and Sunday night tea) by giving myself a home pedicure and paying for those out of the “Hannah” category, not the “restaurant” category– so perhaps when the kids get allowances they will blow them all on cake pops and Yogurtland.

Regardless, here at the halfway mark in the month we have only used 25% of our restaurant budget. I am a pretty lame budgeting nerd because I am excited about the prospect of what to do if we don’t use it all by the end of the month– roll it over to next month? Have a family lunch adventure? Additional date night? Distribute it to other budget categories? A little restraint here has the potential to lead to more possibilities down the road. This is why I get excited about budgeting.


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