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Peer Pressure: Cupcake Wars

Angry Cupcake

Angry Cupcake

My kids attend/ed a wonderful preschool that I love in every way except one– the holiday extravaganza gift exchanges. (You know the ones I mean. The type where parents give every other kid in the class a goodie bag for Valentine’s Day, and Easter, and Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day, and Christmas, and probably this year some overachiever will give everyone a Memorial Day gift bag with an American flag and whatever the most patriotic candy is.)  I am pretty good about not participating- we do cards at Valentine’s Day and that’s it, because who cares? My kids haven’t noticed and if other parents are resenting the lack of a mini candy bar and Oriental Trading Company toy for their kid I’ll give them $2.

The class parties, though, are another matter. It’s hard to not participate but man alive, there are so many of them. And they all require paper goods and extra snacks and cupcakes, all store bought. (I once signed up for healthy snack and thought I would just bring in some apples and oranges and cut them there and it was fine except for the one parent who sniffed at me because “healthy snack means CRACKERS or STRING CHEESE.” Apparently a child will be majorly malnourished if they only have an apple and a cupcake in between breakfast and lunch? No, I am not still bitter.) So what I am saying is, I pretty much just sign up for paper goods and am done with it. (I figure they are using paper plates regardless so the net environmental impact is slim. )

Today, though, they were celebrating James’ birthday (which is actually in June, but no child goes uncelebrated! This is nice for James especially since his mom is normally such a grump) and I was on the hook for cupcakes. I’ve read about other parents going to elaborate lengths to comply with school regulations while bringing in a healthy, fun treat but I had work to do during the party and also my kid had been asking to bring in cupcakes for a month.


Not Pleased With Prospect of Cupcake-Less Party

So the forces of the cultural norms of the preschool combined with my own kid’s wants led me to buy $12 worth of cupcakes. I think the cupcakes are junk and full of chemicals, and I don’t know why they all have to come with plastic rings on top of them now, but– it’s not a battle I’m picking. Soon enough he will be in elementary school and I will reap the benefits of a summer birthday- homemade cakes for life, kid!

What’s your stance on school treats? Am I just a big buzz kill?