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Monthly Challenge? July…


Oats and rice…

So I am reading Plastic-Free by Beth Terry of My Plastic-Free Life and it is pretty good. Not nearly as intimidating or– shrill, I guess, as I was expecting. Yes, she has gone to great lengths to eliminate plastic from her life but most of her tips seem doable. And she usually gives a lot of choices- explaining which of a handful of options she goes with and why but not leaving you feeling like that is the only correct choice. (Of course the tip that I thought was so brilliant- tell the CSA to not use plastic!- was already in the book.)

Today I had some extra time to have a look around the bulk aisle at Whole Foods and felt quite smug since I had brought my own produce bags and so could get two of the items off my list (rolled oats and short grain brown rice) waste-free. Of course I then wondered what the mesh bags are MADE of and it’s probably plastic so there’s that. But I turned the oats into granola as soon as I got home and put the rice in a glass jar so, you know, baby steps.

Anyway. I would like to reduce my plastic consumption for July- based on my current reading and because it’s already a thing– but that’s a tough goal to set when I don’t really know what my plastic consumption is. So next week I’ll be saving my household plastic for the Plastic Trash Challenge. Then I’ll try to reduce it the following week(s).

Are you already doing Plastic Free July? What plastic packaging do you think you could never do without? (The things I am hard pressed to imagine life without: dairy [milk cartons/glass jug lids/cottage cheese containers], beauty and hygiene products…)